ECU Problem - Y17DT
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By cformigal - Thursday, June 14, 2007 8:38:13 PM
Hi Guys,

I need some help of yours.
I have and Opel Astra 1.7 DTI from 2001 with the Y17DT engine. The main ECU, the one installed at the top of the engine, needs to be replaced because Diesel Fuel went inside the ECU throught the electrical installation. This leak is now stopped because I replaced the defective valve in the fuel pump.
The problem is now to replace the main ECU. My questions are:

1) is it possible to replace the ECU, the Immobilizer and the Key Chip from another car to solve the ECU problem ?

2) is it possible just to program another ECU, from a donor, with the immobilizer code ?

3) what are other solutions for this problem apart to go to a Opel/Vauxhall dealer ?

With regards,

By topbloke - Friday, June 15, 2007 5:36:20 PM
in answer to question no 2 yes you can but it all depends how amicable the local main dealer is you will need the ecu from the donor car this will need to be fitted then the dealer can access the ecu and get the chassis number of the donor vehicle then they can access their system to get the reg number then they have to apply to vauxhall for the security codes then when the car pass arrives they can then wipe the chassis number from the donor ecu update the ecu if ness and then program the key with the immo code from the donor car (dont let them tell you it cant be done as i have done it ) its long winded and all depends if you can afford the time it will take to apply for the codes etc (about a week for the codes) and if they want to help you they may just want to sell you a new ecu (less time, less aggro, and more profit !!!!!!! Smile) best policy would be ask nicely and tell them exactly what you want them to do, answer to no 1 dont know have not tried it and no 3 no other choice unless bba can repair original
By K And R - Friday, June 15, 2007 6:39:15 PM

Welcome to the ForumBigGrin

no 1 is possible, no3 is a NO for BBA  (i,m pretty Sure) but i would be surprised if the ECU would be duff due to fuel as it packed full of gel. A problem with the control unit attached to the pump is more common w00t


By cformigal - Friday, June 15, 2007 7:31:06 PM
Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for the comments. At this stage, any information is needed.
Well, the behaviors of my car are:

1) Engine running, from time to time, in secure mode with low power;
2) Black smoke;
3) Air Conditioning not running at all. For this I was told by Opel/Vauxhall that the main ECU was defective and needed to be replaced;
4) The yellow spanner light , on the dash board, always on.

I have open the ECU , when I discover that the diesel fuel was coming in and I was able to remove all the fuel that was there. I fact, there is the gel that protects all electronic components, but with time, this gel turned to be now harder.

Is it possible that the Pump ECU might be defective, justifying points 1) 2) and 4) ?

The air conditioning could be controlled by the main ECU, so I assume that at least this one is down.


By topbloke - Saturday, June 16, 2007 4:13:39 AM
the ecu on the pump usually causes intermitant non starting and a trouble code (the number escapes me at the moment) saying spill valve problem, i am surprised that there is fuel in the ecu on top of the engine and that you have been able to open it to check it out, has this vehicle had its codes read and what  where they