VW Polo EPC light

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By angola - Saturday, February 05, 2005 7:25:27 AM
Allo all! This is my first time in one of these sites so go
gentle with me. I am a British mechanic maroned in Finland?! Don`t ask. Anyway in the place i work we
have a problem with a 2003 Polo and this warning light
EPC comes on from time to time. Anyone know why.
By K And R - Saturday, February 05, 2005 3:12:51 AM
   EPC is V.W talk for drive by wire so it willl need a code read as something is playing up. Have more info if needed.
By angola - Saturday, February 05, 2005 3:42:08 AM
We got the car comming back on Wenesday. We did do
a scan for faults with our TEXA Diognostic system which we have just got. It told us that the electronic throttle pedal, and thottle butterfly were not calibrated correctly.
So to cut a long story short we re calibrated this system
with the TEXA. The car went, but customer called back,
the light was coming on again, at odd moments.
I have heard it could be something to do with a duff,brake light switch.
It comes back next week, so lets see how it goes.
Thanks very much for your intrest!       John
By K And R - Saturday, February 05, 2005 4:00:51 AM
Parts in the system, Accelerator pedal position sensors G77 & G185, Throttle valve control unit J338. Throttle angle sensors G187 & G188, Clutch pedal switch F36, Brake light switch F & F47 + signals for auto-box + brake system (abs+trac) air-con & cruise if fitted (all imputs to ecu), Controlling the throttle valve control unit and the throttle valve drive+ epc light (out puts).
By Chuck_Wagon - Saturday, February 05, 2005 10:02:13 AM

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum and you can be assured of our best attention at all times.

No need to be worried because your marooned in Finland, we’ve all had times like these!

Anyway, Kevin seems to be taking care of you at the moment, and will probably sort it as he usually does. But we’re all waiting in the background to help when needed.

Nice to have you aboard.

All the best,

By K And R - Saturday, February 05, 2005 11:02:53 AM
Thanks for that  BigGrin, i,m sorry if i seem to take over, thats a joke any where i go , i dont mean anything by it , but i see a problem and try to fix it. Pity i can,t see or fix my own BigGrin
By Chuck_Wagon - Saturday, February 05, 2005 11:24:28 AM

You’re doing great mate, keep going.

Just wish I had the knowledge to contribute as much as you, Angus, Cyril and all the rest of the pro’s on this forum. Sadly, my expertice is limited.

All the best,

By K And R - Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:15:53 PM
As we all know your hands on is limited of late, but that is more than made up by your vast to hand information and your careful way of setting out a procedure to check a fault.
All the best
By Angus - Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:18:09 PM

Don’t underestimate your valuable contributions. Your support in calmly considered fresh perspectives and accurate data/info are crucial in cracking many of the more technical ones that vex us all.


You’re very welcome to our forum. We’re very experienced at assisting the lonely solo strugglers against the modern technological madness. We’ve even got the world’s most isolated mechanic among our number, down on St Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic; so feel free to ask anything, anytime you need.
By K And R - Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:24:12 PM
  Thats a bold statement about diagnut, i can almost hear the clatter of keyboards saying they are the only tech at the south pole or similar ;D ;D ;D
By Chuck_Wagon - Sunday, February 06, 2005 12:45:52 PM
Thank you,

You are all gentlemen of the highest order.

By Angus - Sunday, February 06, 2005 1:21:13 AM

I’m not putting money on it; but Diagnut’s location would take some beating.  There can’t be many places in the world that can say "Last garage for 1,200 miles in any direction".

Judging by my chats with the guys at the Antarctic Survey in Cambridge; it would seem Antarctica is knee-deep in techs busily fixing everything from firetrucks to skidoos and they’re not usually working alone.

But of course; if anyone knows different.....
By blueflag - Tuesday, February 08, 2005 11:10:20 AM
I have a Seat Ibiza with epc light on and it refuses to be cde read when code reader trys to red ecu it says ignition isnt switched on when it is.It looks as though the pedal box has been repaired at some as it has been welded and new clutch cable fitt ed. I got light out by discon battery but it came back on after driving approx 1 mile. I wondered if the repairer has damaged the wireing from diag plug to ecu and should I icheck contiuity to ecu from plug ? If so does any one know how many wires go to plug and where is ecu Car is 2000 1.4mpi eng code AKK thanks IAN
By angola - Saturday, February 12, 2005 7:00:40 AM
Allo All
So we think we found the problem, there are 2 switchs
on the brake pedal, one for the brake lamps the other
(S13-11 which is normaly closed) feeds into ECU and does something??? Anyone know what? Anyway we took this thing out and cleaned the badly burned contacts( which had been giving high numbers on the ohm meter) So lets see if it comes back. By the way this is on a 1.4 polo AKK motor.
By Angus - Saturday, February 12, 2005 12:44:04 PM

Thanks for coming back with the fix.  This brake-switch issue came up on a Sharan - I think - a few weeks back; something about synchronization codes.

As you say; one makes and one breaks as you depress the pedal - I suppose the ECU reads it as if the brakes were applied and shut-off the accelerator.

Thanks again for the info; anytime you need our help .....
By angola - Saturday, February 12, 2005 1:25:23 AM
No problem, will let you know if it comes back.
By K And R - Saturday, February 12, 2005 8:21:18 AM
Let,s hope this makes sense. Your second switch (not the one for the brake light) is to tell the cruise control to shut down if fitted, also will also induce an idle speed default if the accelerator position sender has a fault. IE if you have full throttle on and back of the throttle and the car does not slow, hit the brakes and this will over ride the throttle and slow the engine.
F switch is open with no brakes (brake lights) and F47 is closed with no braking.(switch for cruise etc.)
Once again i hope that makes sense.
By angola - Sunday, February 13, 2005 8:01:39 AM
Yeau. Someone was saying, that they had been trying to dry the brakes, on a VW Bora, you know left foot
braking, only the engine kepted losing power. So what you are saying, seems to make sense in practice also.
We were thinking along the same lines. Kiitos! (thats Finnish for thanks)
Ah! What about this throttle position sensor fault thing ???
By K And R - Sunday, February 13, 2005 2:41:44 AM
Dont understand the last line about the AH what about the throttle position sensor fault thing?
By angola - Sunday, February 13, 2005 4:58:50 AM
Sorry i think the last line may have been a mistake. :-/
By K And R - Sunday, February 13, 2005 5:15:12 AM
 Ok we all make those (mistakes that is BigGrin)
By Administrator - Wednesday, February 23, 2005 1:25:01 AM
Hi all,

I’m new to this forum. I have a polo 1.2 65 horses and I’m facing the same issue: the EPC light is on and the brake lights also even though the key is out of the contact. I was obliged to take off the brake light fuse to not harm the battery.

Can anyone help please?


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By TONY_GINGELL - Wednesday, February 23, 2005 1:31:34 AM
Hello and welcome to the forum,
If you read all of the posts on this subject it should help you with your problem.
The chances are by your description that the brake light switch has either failed, or come out of its retaining bracket.
Follow the brake pedal up under the dash to locate the switch, or, switches.
Regards Tony
By Administrator - Wednesday, February 23, 2005 1:48:35 AM
Thanks Tony,

Yes, I’ve read the e-mails and I thought it should be the same case since the break lights stayed on, so I suspected the break pedal snsor or switch (I don’t make the difference). Can you tell please if I should look for it iside the car under the pedal or inside the engine?


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By TONY_GINGELL - Wednesday, February 23, 2005 9:15:47 AM
The brake lamp switch will be inside the car, in the area directly below the steering wheel. On some models this area is like a small "glove box", if you can remove this pannel it will make the access to the switch much easyer.

Regards Tony