Fiat Multipla JTD
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By TWCITROEN - Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:37:58 AM
Hi, we`ve got a 2001 Fiat Multipla JTD 110 Eng. 186A6.000 in which won`t always stop revving when you let the acc. pedal go.

Codes read are P0101 MAF circuit, P0220 Pedal postion sens2 circuit, P1555 Brake inconsistent with accel and P0380 Plate heating/thermostart relay.

Cleared the codes and only the P0380 comes back.

I have found that if you apply a little lift to the pedal the revs drop back down, but the actual values for the pedal position alter slightly when press down but when you release the values are the same as at idle but the engine is revving. Pos1 0.96v, Pos2 0.41v idling and .99v and .43v at 2500rpm.

I`m pretty sure this will be the throttle pedal faulty but I`m not sure if its all one unit and will it need setting to the ECU?

Any help/info much appreciated

By miketribe - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 6:11:27 AM
Hi, I was talking to a cab driver on Sat evening who decided I should know the full history of his Multipla JTD. He has apparently had 3 brake position sensors in 2 years, his description of the problems was almost identical to yours, apparently his local dealership just shrug their shoulders and fit a new one every time.I hasten to add, this wasn't the only problem he mentioned!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps,


Mike Tribe