A career at BBA Reman:
Culture and Values

We’re looking for the best to join our organisation, and for us the best means people who embrace individual responsibility and the chance to excel, while still working in a team to achieve shared goals. We value people with integrity, moral courage and ambition, with an impeccable work-ethic. Core to the way we work is our culture of openness, honesty and idea sharing. Our open-door policy means that employees of all levels can interact with colleagues from varying levels of seniority across the globe. It’s this approach that has got us so far, so quickly.

We want drivers not passengers. So if you are offered a position, you can be sure we will do all we can to develop your career. You will receive two months’ initial training to help you understand the different aspects of our business, and then you will be given every opportunity to show what you can do to take us forward.

“ We work as a team – with no closed doors.
We choose our people with great care and we
will trust you to manage your time your way
to get the best results.”

Chris Swan, CEO