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The G-Scan is the latest Asian specialist diagnostic product to hit the UK, similar to the Carmen scan but potentially an all round market leader with stronger European coverage along side.


Since G-scan secured the contacts to supply OEM approved Hyundai and Kia diagnostics (formally Carmen Scan) it has become the leading diagnostic tool in Japan outselling all other big brands. On Hyundai and Kia for example, you can look to see if there is a new updated version of software for the engine ecu, code parts, reset adaption values, and even change existing features of the vehicle, providing 99% OEM functionality!


Coverage List for G-Scan


The G Scan is quick and easy to use, with a highly responsive colour touch screen allowing the user to write their own notes over captured screen shots (see below). These screen shots can be saved & printed (via USB) for reference or for customers.






Other unique features which set the G Scan apart from rival scan tools include;


-       The communication protocol is built-in to the hand set, meaning there’s no need for separate external can modules.

-       The ability to communicate with both 12v & 24v vehicles.

-       Full text DTC descriptions to help pinpoint the exact issue.

-       You can store any good / bad readings from vehicles, which helps with future diagnosis.

-       Diagnostic data can be recorded on road tests, and the stored ‘flight’ data replayed on screen or a larger PC screen.

-       Supplied with 12 months software updates.


For more information and availability please email diags@bba-reman.com

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