Diagnostic tool for Fiat Examiner


Fiat Examiner

As we all are aware FIAT, LANCIA and ALFA ROMEO vehicles been more and more temperamental as the technology on them grows, Italian reliability and electrics have been a garages worst nightmare.

This is now a thing of the past with the new Fiat Examiner HD with is the quickest most powerful diagnostic tool that is available to the aftermarket for the Fiat group which is Fiat, Alfa and Lancia which full coverage and CAN networking bus communication allows you to get stuck into the jobs you used to turn away.

The High definition Fiat Examiner is instantly a hit with specialists with its touch screen and easy access to the menu screen make it an easy main dealer level tool. With its large display makes view and reading information and live data stream so simple and very effective.

Full dealer level with the Fiat, Alfa and Lancia tool makes jobs such as coding keys and Immobiliser, programming those dreaded blank body control modules from off the shelf means there you can fit any part and actually finish the job by programming, configuring or simply resetting the adaptation values in all of the vehicles control modules and Ecu’s.

All jobs can be done in house without need to take them to your local dealer giving your business the upper hand on Fiats, Alfa’s and Lancia’s with the Examiner leaving everyone with anything else but a dealer level tool well behind.   

For more information and availability please email diags@bba-reman.com

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