Common problems for Ford Cougar

Ford Cougar 1999 - 2000 2.5

Problem: Flickering headlamps, instrument cluster lighting, interior lights at low temperatures or the first couple of minutes when the engine is started.

Solution: A common problem on these year Cougars is a high resistance in the battery wiring harness, especially when cold. The relevant wire goes from the B terminal on the alternator (generator) to the central junction box (CJB). The solution is to fit an additional wire thus reducing resistance.

Ford Cougar

Problem: A squealing noise can be heard from the rear brakes in damp weather conditions, particularly with very light or no pressure and / or during slow driving.

Solution: A revised and updated set of brake pads should be fitted to the rear. These will prevent the squealing noise. Always replace brake pads as a whole set on an axle.

Ford Cougar 1999 - 2000 Automatic

Problem: Water in the footwell after heavy rain or using a carwash.

Solution: The problem of water ingress is probably due to insufficent sealing around the PCM connector. This will allow water to seap into the footwell. The problem can be fixed by ensuring there is a proper seal around this area to prevent further water from ingressing.

Ford Cougar 2000 2.5

Problem: Whilst driving, even with the engine at normal temperature, the coolant warning light illuminates.

Solution: These year manufactured Cougars are prown to faulty coolant level switch. Also check the wiring for open circuit.

Ford Cougar

Problem: The remote opening of the boot does not function correctly.

Solution: First off, be aware that to open the boot, the remote transmitter must be pressed twice within 3 seconds for the boot to actaully open. A common problem can also be the boot release actuator. This will need to be replaced or adjusted.

Ford Cougar with MTX 75 manual transmission

Problem: There is what appears to be a crunching noise when changing into 3rd gear.

Solution: Models fitted with the MTX 75 (Galaxy VXT 75) are known to have problems with the 3rd gear synchroniser ring. Front wheel drive Transits are also affected upto 2001.

Ford Cougar upto 1999

Problem: Interior light stays on even after doors are closed and / or the anti-theft warning system not activating.

Solution: It has been identified that a faulty contact switch in the lock striker of the B or C pillar is failing and therfore preventing the interior light light from switching off. Also as the PATS (Passive Anti Theft System) thinks a door is still open, it will not arm the system. An upgraded lock striker with revised contact switches ahould be fitted.

Ford Cougar 1999

Problem: Rattling noises from roof opening panel.

Solution: The problem is most likely the material used for the guide shoes being too hard. The solution is to fit revised guide shoes that are made of a softer material. Revised guide shoes have been installed since 06/1999.

Ford Cougar 1999


1.Tailgate doesn't open when the radio remote control is operated;

2.Tailgate doesn't open by itself after release;

3.Tailgate is difficult to close.


1. The remote may be being operated incorrectly or the tailgate release actuator needs to be adjusted.

2. Check the tailgate struts and install new ones if they are damaged. Also install an additional tailgate spring if necessary.

3. The tailgate may be twisting as it is closed. Check the tailgate struts and install new ones if required.