Manual transmission for Ford Escort, Focus ans Mondeo

Ford Escort, Focus and Mondeo with MTX 75 manual transmission

Problem: There is a crunching noise when changing into 3rd gear.

Solution: Models fitted with the MTX 75 (Galaxy VXT 75) are known to have problems with the 3rd gear synchroniser ring. Front wheel drive Transits may also be affected upto 2001. A revised synchronizer ring should be fitted.

Ford Escort 1.8 Endura engine

Problem: Poor starting, running and exhaust smoke.

Solution: This engine tends to suffer from a loss of timing control in the fuel injection timing system. The solution is to fit a revised fuel injection pump cam actuator. Since 04/1997 and internal filter has been fitted which prevents debris from reaching the cam actuator valve.

Ford Escort, Mondeo 1.8 Endura diesel engines

Problem: Rough and/or high idle.

Solution: This may be caused by a broken idle lever return spring due to the high duty cycle of the idle speed control motor. The solution is to fit a revised idle repair kit that has a modified idle spring.

Ford Escort 1.6 1.8 Zetec

Problem: High idle when car is moving and clutch depressed.

Troubleshooting procedure for above problem:

1. Road test vehicle to identify problem.

2. Use 4 gas analyser to check vehicle emissions:

- If oxygen too high, goto step 10.
- If oxygen is ok, goto step 3.

3. Check fault codes. For EEC V (close coupled catalyst) PCM, the software should updated to the latest version.

4. For EEC V vehicles, the PCM wiring needs to be modified. Bridging of pins 64 and 91 needs to be REMOVED.

5. Check the clutch switch for correct operation.

6. Check the HO2S multiplug for water ingress.

7. Check the PCM multiplug for water ingress.

8. Check the HO2S operation under live data on a diagnostic scanner.

9. For EEC IV (underfloor catalyst) vehicles, the PCM software should be caclibrated to the latest software version. This will rectify a number of known issues.

10. Check for air leaks.

11. Inspect the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) hose.

12. Detach the PCV hose at the PCV and block the end of the hose. If this solves the problem, a new PCV should be installed.

13. Check the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve part number suffix. If suffix is not '-AC' a new revised IAC valve should be fitted.


A revised wiring loom has been fitted since 07/1998. A revised IAC valve has been fitted since 10/1998. A revised PCM has been fitted since 10/1998.

Ford Escort 1994 - 1998 1.3 1.4 engines

Problem: Water ingress into the wiring loom at the bulkhead cover.

Solution: Water can ingress into the wiring loom at the bulkhead cover where the loom enters the engine bay by the battery, causing a number of problems including poor idling and stalling. The solution is to seal the affected area and clean and grease the affected terminals. Water may also ingress into the heated oxygen sensor. This will need to be replaced. A revised wiring loom has been fitted since 07/1998.

Ford Escort estate 1997 - 1998

Problem: Windnoise from rear door.

Solution: The problem could be could be possible that the door glass weather strip assembly is too sensitive to offset the glass channel, frame and door sail assembly. The solution is to fit self-adhesive foam pads onto the rear window weatherstrip. Revised glass channel clips have been fitted since 02/1998.

Ford Fiesta 1996, Ford Escort 1996

Problem: Squeal from the front end accessary drive belt (FEAD).

Solution: The accessory drive belt may be lacking tension and causing the noise. Install a new belt and increase its tension to rectify the problem.

Ford Escort 1995 to 1996, Ford Mondeo 1996

Problem: Poor running at idle/poor starting.

Solution: This is probably due to a loss of timing control in the fuel injection timing system. A full diagnostic check needs to be carried out followed by a cam timing diagnostic routine. A new fuel injection pump cam actuator should be fitted as well.

Ford Escort with diesel engine 1996 to 1998

Problem: Engine over heating and/or coolant loss from the radiator top hose.

Solution: The top hose may have been damaged by the radiator fan shroud. Install a new top hose and trim the fan shroud to overcome the problem.

Ford Fiesta 1996 and Ford Escort 1995

Problem: In ambient temperatues, the engine temperature gauge reads near red.

Solution: The temperature gauge may become over sensitive in high ambient temperatures. Install a new temperature sender assembly to rectify the problem.

Ford Escort/Orion 1992 to 1998

Problem: Blower motor inoperative in settings 1, 2 or 3 and/or noticeable smell of melting plastic

Solution: May be the result of corroded contacts on the blower motor resistor multiplug.The blower motor resistor must be renewed and/or the corroded connector contacts rectified and/or a missing cover on the blower motor installed to solve the problem.

Ford Escort 1995

Problem: Clutch judder on first engagement in cold and wet weather.

Solution: The clutch disc may be over sensitive to these conditions. Remove the transmission and install a revised clutch friction disc.

Ford Escort

Problem: Rattles, clonking and squeaks from the vehicles's underbelly.

Solution: If there are concerning noises coming from underneath the vehicle it may be that the flexible joint gasket has worn. Installing a new gasket will solve the problem:

1. Raise the vehicle.
2. Disconnect front pipe from the exhaust section and discard the gasket and nuts.
3. Install the new gasket.(studs must be coated with anti-sieze grease)
4. Using the two nuts, connect the front pipe to the exhaust system.

Ford Escort 1995

Problem: Air conditioning inoperative.

Solution: The compressor wiring harness may have been damaged by the front end auxiliary drive belt. To resolve this problem, repair the wiring harness, re-route it to the compressor and secure it to the radiator support plate with an additional clip.

Ford Escort 1996

Problem: The right hand front axle drive shaft is making scraping noises.

Solution: It may be that the vibration noises are being transferred to the intermediate shaft bearing. To resolve this problem, a revised intermediate shaft with a more insulated bearing and a revised right hand front axle should be installed.

All with Zetec/Zetec-E engine

Problem: Misfiring, stumbling or hesitation of engine during acceleration.

Solution: There may be a high tension voltage break down (arcing) between the spark plug connector and the spark plug ceramic insulator on either cylinder 3 or 4. Confirm this by checking the ignition system with an engine analyser. If an engine analyser is not available, remove the spark plugs and high tension cables and visually inspect them. A black burn mark running axially along the spark plug ceramic and a white/grey burn mark on the spark plug connector are evidence of arcing. Install a new spark plug and spark plug lead on the affected cylinder(s).

Ford Escort 1995 to 1998

Problem: High idle speed.

Solution: Install a connection to ground at pin 28 on the powertrain control module to prevent the module from sending an incorrect signal to the throttle control sensor.

Ford Escort

Problem: Rear wiper, heated backlight and luggage compartment lamp only work intermittently.

Solution: Check for misalignment of the contact plates and plungers; if there are some, remove the plates and plungers and increase the size of the fixing holes to allow re-positioning and a better contact to be achieved.