Hints and tips: Ford Escort, Fiesta, Mondeo, Orion, Granada, Sierra, Explorer, Scorpio


Hints and Tips: Ford Ford Escort/Fiesta/Mondeo

with wasted spark ignition (EECIV) Problem - Non/intermittent starting/ hesitating/poor running/loosing two cylinders.. Possible solutions - check/replace the EECIV engine management ecu and check/replace the ignition coil Note - if the ecu is tested on Network 500 and fails on ignition output, then before fitting a replacement ecu it is strongly recommended to

Ford Escort/Orion 1.6

CVH (EECIV) Problem - Unstable idle speed Possible solution - 1, Remove any contamination in the inlet manifold/throttle body. 2, Replace the engine management ecu, idle valve and air cleaner assembly with the modified parts below. Recalibrated EECIV ecu part no. R91AB12A650FA (Finis Code 5024823) Modified air box cover part no. 89SF9661BA (Finis Code 6643308) New Hitachi idle valve part no. 89AB9B571AA (Finis Code 1663034) Idle valve upper hose part no. 89FB9P904AA (Finis Code 1663038) Idle valve lower hose part no. 89AB9P904AA (Finis Code 1663044)

Ford Granada/Sierra 2.8

EFi (EECIV) Problem - High/uneven idle speed/possible increased oil consumption. Possible solution - Fit a revised inlet manifold gasket because the existing inlet manifold gasket use to move. Early inlet manifold gasket can be identified by a single pip on the rear right hand side. Revised inlet manifold gasket can be indentified by two pip. Part No. 78TM9A454HD (Finis Code 6175932).

Ford Modeo 2.5 V6

upto 1996 (EECIV) Problem - Stalling at idle/ idle speed hang-up/groaning noise when at idle. Possible cause - Air resonating in the intake ducting resulting in oscillation of the idle speed control valve. Possible solution - Install a new air cleaner outlet tube and resonator assembly. Air cleaner outlet tube/resonator assembly - Finis Code 1025296

Ford RS2000 2.0 16v

(EECIV) Problem - Intermittent misfire/hesitation during acceleration. Possible solution - Connect the EDIS module earth wire directly to battery earth. 1, Disconnect the battery earth cable. Note - this will remove information from the radio. 2, Remove the EDIS module earth screw, which is situated to the right of the EDIS module. 3, Connect a 1mm diameter wire from the EDIS module earth wire to the battery earth terminal.

Ford Explorer 4.0

(EECIV)/Probe 2.0 16V/2.5 24v Problem - Power loss under max acceleration/engine shudder/engine speed variation/fault codes stored. Possible cause - dirty or corroded mass air flow (MAF) sensor. Note - The above only applies for the following countries:- Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Ford Scorpio 2.9 12v/24v

(Ford EECIV/V) Problem - Power assisted steering judder at low speed.. Possible cause - pressure fluctuations within the power assisted steering system. Possible solution - remove and discard the high pressure fluid hose and install a new hose (see parts below). Power steering high pressure fluid hose:- Right hand drive Finis Code 1037481 Left hand drive Finis Code 1042017 Notes- 1, For 12v versions, when installing the new hose, it is not necessary to connect the pressure switch. 2, The above only applies to vehicles built:- a, from October 1994 to May 1996 (build code RR to TC) for 12v versions. b, upto October 1996 (build code TY) for 24v versions. c, a revised power steering high pressure fluid hose has been fitted on 24v production vehicles from November 1996 (build code TS)