Honda ALB2 ABS pump - technical tips


Honda ALB2 ABS pump - technical tips

ABS pump motor relay: How to check

-make sure ignition is switched off
-remove the pump motor relay -place ohmmeter probes between relay terminals C and D -ohmmeter will read infinity (open circuit) if good -whilst ohmmeter still connected, apply 12 volt supply to replay terminals A and B -ohmmeter will read zero (continuity) if good -if readings are different from above relay might be defective.

ABS pump motor: How to check


IT IS IMPORTANT not to force the pump to run for more than 10 seconds

-check fuse for pump motor -check ABS pump relay as previously described -if these prove ok remove pump relay -join pump relay female terminals 1 and 2 with a bridge wire -pump motor should run and begin to labour quickly -if motor is not running apply 12 volts directly to the 2 pin large orange connector plug -if motor is not running, replacement pump is required

How to bleed ALB2 hydraulic system without Honda/Rover tools

-upon replacing pump top brake fluid resevoir up to maximum level -with modulator bleed valve open and a pipe to safely channel fluid to a container -bridge the pump motor relay female terminals 1 & 2, until clear bubble free air is seen -ensure fluid is topped up continuously so as not to run pump dry -individually bleed each wheel in sequence: RHR, LHF, LHR, RHF. -top resevoir to back up to maximum