Launch X431 update procedure


Launch X431 Update Procedure


Recently I have had a few calls from worried customers as there launch X431 scanners have locked. This is because they have changed the display software and the older software will not work. You will have to start a new card from scratch and so you follow this procedure:

First of all you need go onto . Then please input your username and password.

I would recommend starting up a new folder on your desktop too save all of your most recent downloaded items into.

You will then go to your download centre where first of all you need to download and install the newest version of the update programme (V5.0 at present) which is item D on your download centre. You need this to recognize the newest software.

The next bits you need are items A, B and C which is the System Data and the display programme. Again you need the three newest items for your machine to recognize the newest update software.

The next bit is to download all of the specific manufacturer’s software. I prefer to do this individually rather than the bulk download. Just click down on each of the software individually and save them into the new folder you created. Each manufacturer software should take about 10 seconds to download.

Now you have done this you are ready to put this onto the card. First of all you want to format your CF card. You do this by opening up my computer then plugging your flash card into the reader. You then want to right click on the drive and select format the disc. Click yes when it asks if you want to clear the disc. The flash card will now be empty and ready to be updated.

Now you click on the x431 update tool icon on your desktop.

Once the software is open please it should automatically find the software you downloaded but if it hasn't then on the bottom left select the source folder which you will find on your desktop. You then want to make sure it has found the right destination folder as well. The tool will normally pop up with "CF card not installed" if the software has found the wrong drive.


Once you have selected the correct destination and source folder you are ready to do the update. First of all you want to tick the boxes next to the System Data and the Display programme you then click update (you can do select all but I find it more reliable if you do these individually) Once it is complete click ok.

Now you are ready to do the manufacturers software now. You can click select all to mark all the boxes and you then deselect the Display and the system data programmes. Click update and wait for the software to do its work. When finished click ok. You then want to eject the disc safely so you go back to my computer where you did the formatting and where you clicked format this time click eject. Wait till the computer says so and you can eject the card. 

Please do not Unzip the files manually or drag them onto the flash card this does not work and can corrupt the files.

It is worth powering up your machine and go into each software individually to check it all worked ok.

If you get stuck feel free to email to me, Ben