DTC P0341-Camshaft Position Sensor Rationality

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0341

Camshaft Position Sensor Rationality

What is the Circuit like?

  • For the purpose of detecting Camshaft position and establishing a correlation with Crankshaft position the Camshaft Position Sensor is needed.
  • This helps the ECM identify the cylinder that is ready to receive fuel from the injector.
  • The polarity of camshaft sensor signal needs to be changed only once per crankshaft position.


Time for setting the DTC

Task boosted after DTC sets

When will DTC clear?

1) This DTC sets when the engine is being used.


1) The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will be seen glowing after three repetitive trips with a fail.


1) The MIL will go off after repetitive ignition cycles in which the diagnostic runs perfectly

2) No traction of CMP signal between teeth 25 and 33 but change in polarity.


2) The ECM will begin to record operating conditions at the time when the diagnostic fails which will be stored in the Freeze Frame simultaneously buffering Failure Records.


2) A history DTC will clear by itself after 40 successive warm-up cycles flawlessly


3) A history Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) will be stored.



3) The scan tool can be used to remove all existing DTCs.




4) Disconnecting the ECM battery feed for 10 seconds


Diagnostic Aids




Work on any unusual engine noise before using the diagnostic table.

Carefully examine the following to ensure any circuitry which is believed to create engine noise:

  • Broken Locks
  • Improper mating
  • Inaccurately formed or
  • Tampered terminals
  • Backed out or
  • Poor terminal-to-wire connection
  • Physical damage to the wiring harness




                                                     STEPS TO DETERMINE THE DTC

                                                 DTC P0341 - Camshaft Position Sensor Rationality






Carry out an EOBD System Check.


Task Done?

Look up Step 2

Look up "On-Board Diagnostic System Check"


  1. LOCK the ignition switch.
  2. De-link the CMP sensor connector.
  3. Look up for a flawed connector or terminals.

Task Done? 

Look up Step 4

Look up Step 3


  1. Turn ON the ignition switch.
  2. De-link the ECM connector.
  3. Examine the ECM pins and connector for bent or tampered terminals.
  4. Examine the wire between the CMP sensor terminal 1 and ECM connector 22 for an open or short to ground or short to battery voltage as you relate connectors and wiring harness.
  5. Look up the wires between the CMP sensor terminal 2 and ECM connector 17 for an open as you move the related connectors and wiring harness.

Job Over? 

Look up Step 4

Look up Step 5


  1. LOCK the ignition switch.
  2. Mend or change the wire or the connector.
  3. Unset any DTCs from the ECM.
  4. Run the engine.
  5. Undertake the diagnostic system check.

Work Complete?

System OK



  1. Turn the ignition switch to LOCK.
  2. Substitute the CMP sensor.
  3. Unset all DTcs from the ECM.
  4. Run the engine.
  5. Undertake the diagnostic system check.

Work Complete?


The system of your car is fine

Look up Step 6


  1. Substitute the ECM.
  2. Run the engine.
  3. Carry out the Diagnostic system check.


Look up Step 7



  1. Remove all DTCs with the help of the Scan Tool.
  2. Start the vehicle and idle at normal operating temperature.
  3. Run the vehicle within the conditions for setting this DTC as mentioned in the given text.

Do you see the scan tool highlighting that this diagnostic has been run and passed?

Look up Step 8



Examine if any additional DTCs are set.


Do you see any DTCs exhibited that have not been diagnosed?

Look up Applicable DTC table

The System of your car is just fine