Nissan MICRA K12 DTC P1065 ECM Power Supply



Even when the ignition is off there is a continuous supply of voltage to the ECM for its memory function and other information on regarding air/fuel ratio etc.


DTC Confirmation Procedure

Before starting the test, switch off the ignition and wait for 10 seconds.


With Consult II.                                                                             With GST

Switch on ignition and wait for 1 second                                             Perform

Click on Data Monitor mode                                                              the

*Start and idle engine for 1 second                                                    same

Switch off ignition, wait for 10 seconds, switch on                               steps

Repeat step* 4 times                                                                        as

DTC observed > Diagnostic Procedure                                               with Consult II                                                            


Diagnostic Procedure

Input or output voltage should not be measured by using the ECM ground terminals.


1.   Check:  ECM power supply

 Switch off ignition      

 Disconnect the harness connector to the ECM

             Between the ground and ECM terminal 121 check the voltage (Battery)


OK:  proceed to step 3                                            Not OK:  proceed to step 2 


2.   Find:  The malfunctions check the following:

 Fuse 20A

 Harness connector E14 of IPDM/ER

 For open/short in harness between ECM & IPDM E/R


Repair / replace – harness / connectors


3.   Check:  for intermittent incident

       Refer to Trouble Diagnosis for Intermittent Incident


OK:  proceed to 4                                                    Not OK:  repair/replace harness/connectors


4.   Perform:  procedure for DTC confirmation


       With CONSULT-II                                                 With GST                                                                        


         Switch on ignition                                                 Switch on ignition                                                

         Click on Self Diagnosis Results mode                    Click on Mode 4

         Put your finger on Erase                                        Put your finger on Erase

         Proceed> DTC Confirmation Procedure                   Proceed> DTC Confirmation Procedure

         1st trip DTC P1O65 is observed?                             1st trip DTC P1O65 is observed?

         If not > end of inspection                                        If not > end of inspection

         If so > Replace the ECM                                        If so > Replace the ECM