Nissan MICRA K12 DTC P0327, P0328 Knock Sensor (KS)


As soon as engine knocking is sensed, voltage signals are sent to the ECM.


DTC Confirmation Procedure

In cases of self diagnosis the MI does not light up.

Before a test:

Switch off ignition and wait for 10 seconds.

At idle, the battery voltage should be more than 10V.


With Consult II.                                                                        With GST.

Switch on ignition.                                                                      Perform the same

Select Data Monitor.                                                                  steps as with

Start and idle engine for 5 seconds.                                             Consult II

Proceed to Diagnostic Procedure if 1st trip DTC is exposed.


Diagnostic Procedure

Be careful not to use the ECM ground terminals when measuring the input / output voltage.


1.  Check:  circuit 1 of KS input signal.

                   Switch off ignition.    

                   Disconnect the ECM harness connectors.

                   Between engine ground and ECM terminal 15 check resistance: Approx 530–590  KO                                                                                                                          at 20°C or 68°F

                   Check harness for short to ground / power.

     OK: proceed to 4                         NG:  proceed to 2


2.  Check:  circuit II of KS input signal.

                   Disconnect harness connector of the sensor.

                   Between sensor terminal 1 and ECM terminal 15 check for harness continuity.

                  There should be continuity.

                  Check harness for short to ground / power.

    OK: proceed to 3                         NG:  repair open/short to ground/power in harness/connectors


3.  Check:  knock sensor.

     OK:  proceed to 5                       NG:  replace sensor.


4.  Check:  for open / short in sensor shield circuit.

                  Between engine ground and ECM terminal 54 check for harness continuity.

                  There should be continuity.

                  Check harness for short to power.

     OK:  proceed to 5                       NG:  repair open/short in harness/connectors.


5.  Check:  intermittent incident.        

                  Refer to trouble diagnosis for intermittent incident.


                                                  End of Inspection.


To inspect the Knock Sensor (Component)
the resistance between the terminal 1 of the sensor and ground has to be checked:
Approx 530–590 KO at 20°C or 68°F.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Once a sensor has been dropped or damaged cannot be used again.