This valve operates on an on/off mode as it receives messages from the ECM. According to the engine requirements,
fuel vapor from the EVAP canister is released through this valve. The valve controls the rate of fuel flow. 


Reference value In Data Monitor Mode with Consult II


Item                                                            Condition                                Specification                              


Purg vol C/V           After warming engine                          Idle                                 o%

                             Lever shift N(A/T). Neutral(M/T)

                             Under no load                                  2000 rpm                      20 – 30%

                             AC off



DTC may be confirmed following the under mentioned procedures:


Procedure with Consult II

Switch off ignition, wait for 10 seconds.

Battery voltage should be more than 11V at idle.

Switch on ignition.

Select Data Monitor mode.

Start and idle engine for 13 seconds.

Proceed to perform Diagnostic Procedure if 1st trip DTC is noticed.

The same procedure is to be followed with GST.


Diagnostic Procedure

When voltage is being measured, then ECM ground terminals are not to be used.


1. Check:  valve power supply circuit

                  Switch off ignition

.                 Disconnect the harness connector to the valve

                  Switch on ignition

                  Between ground and valve terminal 1, check voltage.(Battery)

    OK:  proceed to 3                  NG:  proceed to 2


2. Find:  the defective part check:

              Harness connectors E50 & F1

  Harness connector 14 (IPDM E/R)

              Between valve and E/R for open/short in harness.

              Between valve and ECM for open/short in harness.

   Repair harness / connectors.


3. Check:  for open/short in valve output signal circuit

                 Switch off ignition

                 Disconnect the harness connector to the ECM

                 Between ECM terminal 19 and valve terminal 2, check for harness continuity.

                 There should be continuity

                 Check for short to ground/power in harness.

   With Consult II                 Without Consult II

   OK:  proceed to 4            OK:  proceed to 5      

   NG:  repair open / short to ground / power in harness / connectors.


4. Check:  operation of the valve with Consult II 

                 Connect all the harness connectors

                 Start the engine

                 With Consult II in Active Test mode perform Purg Vol CONT/V

                 As per the degree of the valve opening, the speed should vary

   OK:  proceed to 6                             NG:  proceed to 5


5. Check:  the component: EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid valve

    OK:  proceed to 6            NG:  replace the valve


6. Check:  for Intermittent Incident

                  Refer to Trouble Diagnosis for Intermittent Incident.


                                                    End of Inspection


Component Inspection with Consult II

When the valve opening is 100% : Air passage continuity should exist.

When the valve opening is 0%    : Air passage continuity should not exist.


Component Inspection without Consult II

When 12V direct current is supplied between the terminals : continuity present.

When there is no supply of current : there is no continuity.