Peugeot and Citroen fault codes for emissions P14XX

P14XX - Auxiliary Emission Controls

P1400 DPFE circuit Low input

P1401 DPFE circuit High input

P1402 EGR metering Orifice restricted

P1403 Additional heating circuit 1

P1404 IAT - B circuit Malfunction / EGR closed position performance / EDC15C2-Additional heating circuit 2 and pre-heat

P1405 DPFE sensor upstream Hose off or plugged

P1406 EGR position sensor performance

P1407 EGR No flow detected

P1408 EGR Flow out of selt test range / EDC15C2-Additional heating circuit

P1409 EVR control circuit Malfunction

P1411 SAI system incorrect downstream flow detected / EDC15C2-Converter upstream temperature

P1413 SAI system monitor circuit Low input

P1414 SAI system monitor circuit High input

P1415 Air pump circuit Malfunction / Air system bank 1

P1416 Port air circuit Malfunction / Air system bank 2 / EDC15C2-Converter downstream temperature

P1417 Port air relief circuit Malfunction

P1418 Split air #1 circuit malfunction

P1419 Split air #2 circuit malfunction

P1420 Catalyst temperature sensor failure

P1421 Catalyst damaged

P1422 EGI temperature sensor failure

P1423 EGI functionality test failed

P1424 EGI Glow plug Primary failure

P1425 EGI glow plug Secondary failure / ED15C2 with FAP - Catalytic converter downstream temperature signal. Short circuit to positive or open circuit or Coherence between converter 1 & 2 temperature signal.

P1426 EGI mini MAF failed Out of range

P1427 EGI mini MAF failed Short circuit

P1428 EGI mini MAF failed Open circuit

P1429 Electric air pump Primary failure

EDC15C2 Particulate Differential pressure sensor value. Coherence of the differential pressure when stopped.

P1430 Electric air pump Secondary failure

P1433 A/C Refrigerant temperature circuit Low

P1434 A/C Refrigerant temperature circuit High

P1435 A/C Refrigerant temperature circuit Range/Performance / EDC15C2-Additive adding system. Faults additive accuracy.

P1436 A/C Evaporator air temperature circuit Low

P1437 A/C Evaporator air temperature circuit High

P1438 A/C Evaporator air temperature circuit Range/Performance

P1439 Floor temperature switch circuit malfunction

P1440 Purge valve stuck open

P1441 Evaporative emission (EVAP) system flow during non-purge (Oldsmobile / Chevrolet only)

P1442 Evaporative emission control system Leak detected / EDC15C2-Quantity of additive Additive ECU.

P1443 Evaporative emission control system control valve

P1444 Purge flow sensor circuit Low input

P1445 Purge flow sensor circuit High input

P1446 Evaporative vac solenoid circuit malfunction

EDC15C2-(607) Additive level.(307) Additive quantity. Additive minimum level wait.

P1447 ELC system closure valve Flow fault

EDC15C2- PEF filter pierced or differential pressure incorrect.

P1448 ELC system 2 fault

EDC15C2 PEF: Particulate emission filter overloaded.

P1449 Evaporative check solenoid circuit malfunction

P1450 Unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum

P1451 Evaporative emission control system vent control valve circuit

P1452 Unable to bleed Up vacuum in tank

P1453 Fuel tank pressure relief valve malfunction

P1454 Evaporative system vacuum test malfunction

P1455 Evaporative emission control system Leak detected (Gross leak / no flow)

P1456 Fuel tank temperature sensor circuit malfunction

P1457 Unable to pull vacuum in tank

P1458 Coolant solenoid valve Short to earth or open circuit.

P1460 Wide open throttle A/C cutoff relay circuit

P1461 A/C pressure sensor circuit Voltage Low

SID 803 - EGR valve. Learning

P1462 A/C pressure sensor circuit Voltage High

P1463 A/C pressure sensor Insufficient pressure change

P1464 A/C demand Out of self test range

P1465 A/C Relay circuit malfunction

P1466 A/C Refrigerant temperature sensor /circuit malfunction

P1467 A/C Compressor temperature sensor malfunction

P1468 SSPOD Open circuit or Closed circuit fault

P1469 Low A/C cycling period

P1470 A/C Cycling period too short

P1471 Electrodrive Fan 1 Operational failure (Driver side)

P1472 Electrodrive Fan 2 Operational failure (Passenger side)

P1473 Fan Secondary High with fans (off)

P1474 Low fan control Primary circuit malfunction

P1475 Fan relay (low) circuit malfunction

P1476 Fan relay (high) circuit malfunction

P1477 Additional fan relay circuit malfunction / EDC15C2-Coolant solenoid valve

P1478 Cooling fan driver fault

P1479 High fan control Primary circuit malfunction / EDC15C2-Coolant solenoid valve

P1480 Fan secondary low with low fan on

P1481 Fan secondary low with high fan on

P1482 SCP

P1483 Power to fan circuit Overcurrent

P1484 Open power to ground VCRM

P1485 EGRV circuit malfunction

P1486 EGRA circuit malfunction

P1487 EGRCHK solenoid circuit malfunction

P1490 Secondary Air relief solenoid circuit malfunction

P1491 Secondary switch solenoid circuit malfunction

P1492 APLSOL solenoid circuit malfunction

P1493 RCNT solenoid circuit malfunction

P1494 SPCUT solenoid circuit malfunction

P1495 TCSPL solenoid circuit malfunction