About BBA Reman

About BBA Reman

BBA Reman is one of the worlds leading automotive remanufacturers. The company was founded in 1998 by Chris Swan and combines engineering expertise with in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry to provide an affordable and reliable alternative to buying new electronic car parts. Originally operating from a small plant in Kent the company has expanded rapidly. Today BBA Reman is an international company with offices or operations in 11 countries spread across three continents..We also have a Support and Software Development Centre in India. We are a dynamic business, always looking to expand into new areas of electronic engineering, including avionics and defence electronics. If you would like to discuss a potential venture contact a senior member of our management team.

Our philosophy

BBA Reman believes that re-engineered parts offer a better and considerably cheaper alternative to buying OEM replacement parts. This is because replacement parts will generally retain the same inherent faults that caused them to fail in the first place, whereas remanufactured parts have these faults re-engineered out of their design. The BBA Reman approach is to take old, failed units (core), process them to return them to their original capabilities, and then test them to ensure quality compliance and reliability. We now offer a product range in excess of 10,000 parts across all makes and most models of cars. And we are so sure of our engineering excellence that we are happy to give all our parts a lifetime warranty.

Our Directors
  • Chris Swan

    Chris Swan is the owner and CEO of BBA-Reman. Chris has a wealth of engineering, service, business leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Chris learnt many valuable leadership lessons during his early naval career in the RFA. The ability to think clearly under pressure and identifying the key source of the problem led him through a series of manufacturing leadership roles. Chris has excellent experience of dynamic bottleneck management and turning around underperforming teams and businesses. Chris studied electrical engineering at Brunel University which gave him the technical and managerial skills to succeed in the automotive sector. Seeing an opportunity in Automotive Electrical Reman Chris started up his own company in Kent, United Kingdom. From a one-man show he slowly built the company from a small garage to what is now a multi-national company. Chris is a keen sportsman and sailor and he holds the principles of teamwork, integrity and determination at the centre of his business.

The green choice

Can you operate in the automotive industry and still be green? We believe you can. Choosing our parts is a simple and very important way you can lessen the environmental impact of the vehicles you own throughout your life.

Here's why:
Our parts save raw materials. Remanufacturing an electronic automotive part typically requires very few raw materials. A new part, by contrast, usually requires everything that went into making the original. Remanufactured parts therefore help preserve the world's dwindling raw materials, including iron and copper.

Our parts reduce energy consumption and pollution. Remanufacturing prolongs the lives of parts, keeping them out of the resmelting process for longer. As resmelting is a highly energy-intensive and polluting process, every part we save reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Our parts reduce the pressure on landfill sites. Every year millions of automotive waste is dumped into landfill sites. Our parts keep cars running for longer, preventing the scrappage of still perfectly viable cars into the landfill sites that scar our world.

A few of our global locations:
  • US Office

  • US Office

  • US Workshop

  • Kolkata Office(India)