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T4 Diagnostic System             T4 Diagnostic System

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Genuine Landrover OEM tool at sensible money.

This is the genuine interface that Landrover dealers use on models upto 2005 (2005 onwards they use IDS)

Can also be used on Rover cars as well. This will do all functions including ECU configurations and flash updates.

This is the real deal, We can package this together with the IDS for full Landrover coverage including a laptop. For more details please email.

The Landrover/ Rover T4 system and software have been developed and enhanced over many years. The system is capable of testing, configuring and reprogramming all Land Rover/ Rover systems from the first engine management released on Range Rover for the V8 right up to the latest Range Rover with multiple control systems sold today. It is the definitive Land Rover diagnostic tool which is made by Omitec.

The hardware kit comprises a high-specification laptop, a specially designed mobile communication system. The software supplied includes the latest CDs used by Land Rover dealers. There are 3 CDs to contain the massive amount of information and coverage offered.

What benefits does the T4 offer independent aftermarket dealers?

For an independent wishing to provide a quality repair and service facility to customers who own any Land Rover/ Rover vehicle, Omitec’s T4 system is essential. Not only does it provide you with complete coverage; but also you can be assured that no matter what vehicle comes into the shop there is service information and diagnostic software available to it. T4 is the mainstay diagnostic platform just released to the franchised dealers and is cutting edge with future developments in vehicle technology accounted for. Other systems may claim to cover Land Rover and Rover diagnostics. However, Omitec’s T4 is the ONLY system to provide ECU reprogramming and configuration for all Land Rover products.

What sets the T4 apart from other Land Rover system testers?

There are two key elements that set the Landover/ Rover T4 apart from the current independent tools. The first is its complete coverage of ALL Land Rover and Rover systems past and present coupled with the knowledge that the developments will continue well into the future. The second is the one thing that can only be done using the Omitec T4: ECU (Electronic Control Unit) programming and configuration. Many of the original electronic systems on modern vehicles can now be re-programmed using software. Historically, any changes to rectify software problems would involve installing a new ECU, which would be purchased from a Land Rover/ Rover dealer parts department. Without the T4, that is the only way the independent service provider today is able to handle these problems. The T4 system allows you to program all Land Rover/ Rover Ecu’s to fix software or to install a blank ECU to a repaired vehicle. T4 is the only system that allows you to do this and is absolutely essential if you are working on Freelander, Discovery Series 2, Range Rover and Rover vehicles..

                                       T4 Diagnostic System