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ABS controller

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  • Part  ABS controller
  • Vehicle Application  Citroen Xantia
  • Pojazd Rok:  
  • O.E. Reference Number  XAN1
  • V.M. Number  
  • Core Return Credit  -
  • Availability  1 Day

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Part: ABS controller
** Please ensure the above part number matches the part number on your unit
Description: The Citroen Xantia1 Xan1 ABS Control Unit has long been an offering of BBA. The abs warning light on your dash board staying lit will signify failure. If the light comes on and then off while driving your problem is probably an abs sensor. The failure of the Xantia ABS Control Unit will result in your car failing it's MOT, and obviously your car will not have anti-lock-braking facilities meaning it is likely to skid under heavy braking. The Citroen Elit machine cannot communicate with the computer. BBA can supply a replacement ABS ECU that has been remanufactured with uprated components. This means failure during the life of the car is more than unlikely. BBA will back this up by providing you with a 12 month warranty. Please note: In '98 Citroen moved to Teves 20, which we also stock.

Box Contents:1 ABS Control Unit
Instructions for installation

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