Rover problems, faults and solutions


rover problems
rover 114 imobiliser
Rover 214 16v Multipoint (Bad at starting)
ROVER 218TD Engine keeps running
Rover 214i 94 starting problems
Increasing idle on Rover100
Rover 45 fan coming on when cold
metro brakes
MG/Rover Code help!
Alternator type?
XJS 5.3
Rover 220 turbo (petrol) Imobiliser Fault
rover75 ***FIXED***
rover 75 clutch
rover 214 head gasket ? ****FIXED***
2003 rover 75 cdti ***FIXED***
Rover 420 GSI 1996 with ABS***FIXED***
Rover 214 Exhaust emission ***FIXED***
rover 214 si engine stalling
Rover 214 - idles rough and it wont rev ***FIXED***
2003 Rover 75 1.8 non start P1520 ***FIXED***
rover mini 1994 mot failed ***** FIXED*****
Metro SPi Injection fault
400 engine light coming on and car cutting out
Rover 216SLI cutting out/no spark intermmittantly
Re: Rover Metro Emmisions
94’ Rover Mini idle problems
Rover Petrol Turbo MEMS problem?
Rover 75 - loss of power
Rover 600 Idle problem
rover 214 poor heater performance
rover 214
Rover 75 Diesel, common rail 2003 non starter ***FIXED***
rover 75 2.0 cdt. air bag light on.
Re: Rover 220 Td Spiked ECU ???
Rover 420 sdi
Rover 75 diesel - repeated sensor failure
'M' Reg Rover 620 Lighting Problem
Rover 214 immobiliser problems
temperature guage / idle
Rover 25 No Start. ***FIXED***
MG ZT 260 fuel gauge Fixed
rover 416 still idles when switched off
rover 400
rover 75 2000
Rover 414 emissions
ROVER 416 rev problems please help!!!!!
rover mgf non start
Rover 75 abs problem
Rover 416 ABS problem
rover 600 rough idle
Re: Rover 45 SRS Dash Light On. 2001
Re: Rover 45 SRS Dash Light On. 2001
Rover 100 problem
Rover 216GTi timing required after new distributor
Rover 620 ABS warning after 100m
Rover 600 ABS Pump - how to bleed
rover 216gti no start
Rover 400, Spark plugs
ROVER 214i flat battery, alarm goes off when jump start leads are connected
rover 220 coupe turbo emission problems
rover 416 1996 coolant not circulating
Rover 75 problem
Rover 214 8V P reg ***FIXED***
2000 year Rover 75 Diesel. Non Runner. High pressure fuel check
Rover 214 se Sport (no less!!) Emissions failure! ***FIXED***
Rover 25 No Hot Air ****FIXED****
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