Electronic Engineering R&D:

At our Rochester and Taunton sites, our Research and Development teams operate at the forefront of new vehicle technologies. Tasked with developing testing systems, our Engineers are responsible for creating new products and reverse engineer electronic automotive components. Their work spans a broad range of products including, but not limited to, electronics, microprocessors, electro-mechanical systems and motors.

A number of our R&D team started their BBA career as Technicians and through our training and support, have developed their skills and now have become some of the most talented Engineers in the company.
We look for bright, motivated individuals with an insatiable desire to understand how things work, along with the skill to investigate and reverse engineer electronic modules.

“ We work as a team – with no closed doors.
We choose our people with great care and we
will trust you to manage your time your way
to get the best results.”

Chris Swan, CEO