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A3 Dash Rebuild

Audi Dashboard  Instrument Clusters A3 Dash Rebuild
  • Part  A3 Dash Rebuild
  • Vehicle Application  A3 Various
  • Vehicle Year:  
  • O.E. Reference Number  AUDI-A3-DASH
  • V.M. Number  
  • Core Return Credit  -
  • Availability  2-3 days

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Rebuild your part

Price P.O.A

In order to get this price you must REMOVE your unit and send it to us to be rebuilt.

Part: A3 Dash Rebuild
** Please ensure the above part number matches the part number on your unit

Box Contents:

Frequently Asked Questions:Q. How does a rebuild and return work? A. You send your unit to us. We then rebuild it, test it, then send it back. Shipping both ways is included in the domestic shipping rates, so we will send you a pre-paid UPS label to get the unit to us. Q. Is the car driveable without the cluster? A. No. Unfortunately, part of the immobilizer is usually integrated into the cluster, so the vehicle will not start. Q. How do I package the unit? A. As the unit contains delicate electronics and can be damaged in shipment, you will need to pack it well. We recommend that you use a large box (so that there are about 4 inches of extra space on each side), wrap the unit in a layer of bubble wrap and fill in the extra space with packing peanuts. Don't forget to include your contact details in the box. Q. Will I need special tools to reinstall / code my rebuilt module? A. No. Since we are rebuilding your unit, no coding will be required when you reinstall the cluster. Q. Will the repair change my mileage? A. No. Since we are rebuilding your unit, your mileage will remain the same.