Actia Scope option

The new Actia scope option has been released to further improve the Multidiag multi make tool. So now not only can you scan the cars
and reconfigure modules but you can also look at items with a detailed scope pattern.

Does not include the laptop. This can be used without the multi diag as a stand alone scope through a PC.

  • Allows recording of measured waveforms.
  • The maximum length of recording depends on the selected time base, it ranges from:
    8 Secs with one channel and 4 whilst using the two channel option with 1ms/div time base to about 5.5 hours

    with 1 channel and about 2.5hours with 2 channels with 2.5s/div time base.
  • When the time base is below 1ms/div copies of the screen are captured instead and stored as a chain of pictures.
  • The recorder waveforms can be displayed in an animated form or statically with comfortable navigation.
  • It is possible to control channel sensitivities, time base, zero base levels and other parameters.
  • The records can be saved on disc and reloaded at any time later and all waveforms can be printed out.

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