Multimedia Control for Audi Q7


Audi Q7 2006-2009 - Multimedia Control P/N: 4LO 919 609 H


An usual fault on Audi Q7 Multimedia Control Modules fitted on vehicles made between years 2006 and 2009 is not powering up. This fault is commonly caused ingress from liquids like coffee, tea etc spilled onto it. BBA has recently developed a test and a fix for the internal components and can offer you the best price for repair of your unit. The common part number for this module is 4LO 919 609 H. But for different part numbers or models call our team for advice.

BBA has a wide range of Multimedia Control modules with new fix on Lexus LS 400 , Mercury Sable and Porsche Boxter . With our global team of engineers constantly working to develop new tests and fixes to cover the growing number of electrical faults in your cars we are proud to be at the leading edge of the business. We are so confident in our work and determination to provide a quality service to our customers that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all our remanufactured parts. Please call our customer service team for details.

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