Ate abs pump for Ford Explorer, Ranger


Ford Explorer / Ranger Ate ABS Pump / Module Repair


Ford Explorer / Ranger


We can repair all part numbers from all vehicle manufacturers of Ate type ABS systems.

Sample part numbers:

F87A-2C219-AB, XL2Z-2C215-AA 
10.0511-8186.1, 25.0204-0227.4, 25.0204-0228.3, 25.0399-2051.4, 25.0946-0112.3

These suffer from control unit breakdown resulting in pump out of tolerence or wheel-speed sensor fault codes.

99% of the time it is the control module (electronic black box on back of ABS pump) that has failed. You can seperate the module from the pump leaving the pump on the car. This means you are not breaking into the brake hydraulic system.






Q. Do I need to send the whole pump in?
A. If the pump is ok, no. The module is the common failure 99% of the time. This can be seperated and sent in on its own.

Q. Can I still drive the car while the module is being rebuilt?
A. Yes. As the pump stays on the car, you are not breaking into the hydraulic fluid system. Your normal brakes will still work.


you will not have ABS!! Take extra care when driving.


Q. Will I need special tools to reinstall / code my rebuilt module?
A. No. The fault codes will be cleared upon re-installation. Also, your module will retain its unique software coding. No special tools required.