Ford Mondeo Common Problems Solutions Hints and Tips

Ford Mondeo with MTX75 manual transmission

Problem: Crunching noise when changing into 3rd gear.

Solution: Models fitted with the MTX75 (Galaxy VXT75) are known to have problems with the 3rd gear synchroniser ring. This should be replaced with a revised synchronizer ring.

Ford Mondeo upto 1999

Problem: Interior light stays on even after doors are closed and / or the anti-theft warning system not activating.

Solution: It has been identified that a faulty contact switch in the lock striker of the B or C pillar is failing and therfore preventing the interior light light from switching off. Also, as the PATS (Passive Anti Theft System) thinks a door is still open, it will not arm the system. An upgraded lock striker with revised contact switches ahould be fitted.

Ford Focus and Mondeo 2001 - 2002 Transmission MTX-75

Problem: Very hard to engage fifth gear or cannot be engaged at all.

Solution: A commom problem with the MTX-75 manual transmission is a loose roll pin in the selector mechanism. Also check and adjust if necessary the gearshift cables. If the adjustment is ok, a new revised selector mechanism must be fitted.

Ford Foucs 1999 and Mondeo upto 2001

Problem: Inaccurate reading of the fuel gauge.

Solution: A common situation is the fuel gauge reading zero after a fill-up. The problem is caused by a faulty fuel pump module which will have a poor / open circuit contact. A new revised fuel level sender card assembly should be fitted.

Ford Mondeo ST220 2001 - 2003

Problem: Coolant loss.

Solution: When the engine cover is refitted, the hose for the coolant reservoir may be dislodged. It may then rub on the belt pulley causing a hole and loss of coolant. If a damaged hose is found, it will need to be replaced and then secured in place with additional clips to prevent repeat failure.

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 2001

Problem: Engine cutting out.

Solution: A common problem with this year TDCi engine is a bad connection for the fuel pressure sensor. To rectify the problem, a gold electrical connector should be used instead of the tin connector.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002 2.0 TDCi and Focus 1.8 TDCi

Problem: Engine does not run properly or fails to start.

Solution: A problem has been identified with the diesel pump and wear to the rollers and shoes. This is caused by insufficient bedding in when the car is new. This can also create small metal particles to contaminate the diesel and damage many components including the injectors. A sample of diesel should be inspected. A new diesel pump with revised rollers and shoes should be fitted along with new injectors and other parts if required.

Ford Focus and Mondeo 1.8 2.0 TDCi 2000 - 2003

Problem: Engine hard to start, lack of power, rough idling etc.

Solution: A common problem has been identified with the above models and an insufficient signal from the camshaft postion sensor (CPS). The fault code P0340 may have been triggered which relates to the CPS. A revised wiring harness / sensor should be installed which increases the sensor signal from 5 volts to 12 volts. The increase in voltage will provide a better signal from the sensor.

Ford Mondeo 2001 1.8 2.0 2.5 Duratec engine

Problem: When the vehicle is left for a period of time, it is very hard to start.

Solution: Common symptons are the engine will turn for a number of seconds before firing and will then idle rough. The most likely cause is a lack of fuel pressure from the fuel pump module. Carry out a fuel pressure check with the engine at idle and then ten minutes after switching the engine off. The pressure should be:

4 cylinder 1.8 2.0 380 kPa (3.8 bar 55 Psi) +/- 5% at idle and greater then 250 kPa (2.5 bar 37 Psi) after ten mins.

V6 2.5 450 kPa (4.5 bar 65 Psi) +/- 5% at idle and greater than 320 kPa (3.2 bar 46 Psi) after ten mins.

If the fuel pressure is low, check the fuel filter. If this is ok, a revised and updated fuel pump should be fitted. The revised fuel pump module has been fitted since 09/2001.

Ford Mondeo 2001

Problem: Increasing excessive travel of hand-brake lever.

Solution: The probable cause is the deteriation of the hand-brake lever clutch mechanism. The solution is to fit a clip to the clutch spring stop to prevent spring elongation.

Ford Mondeo 2001

Problem: Fuel flap does not open.

Solution: The probable cause is insufficient spring pressure from a lack of material on the flap. A revised filler flap should be fitted. The revised flap has an extra 1mm of material to ensure spring contact.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002

Problem: Noise from the rear brakes.

Solution: Vibrations between the rear pads and disks can be transmitted through the hub and suspension components. Revised brake pads should be fitted and the vibration damper on the wheel hub can be removed. A shorter bolt should be fitted in place of the vibration damper bolt. The revised pads no longer require the vibration damper. The vibration damper has not been fitted in production since 09/2001. Revised pads have been installed since 02/2002.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002 with booster heater

Problem: Engine will not start and fuse F23 blown.

Solution: The most likely cause is the fact that the booster heater and fuel injection pump use the same fuse. The extremely high current draw of the booster heater will be too much together with the injection pump and will blow the fuse. The solution is to fit a seperate power cable from the battery to the booster heater. The power cable should have an in-line 20A fuse. Also, a revised booster heater glowplug should be fitted. A seperate power cable for the booster heater has been used in production from 06/2002.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002

Problem: Whistling noise from the heating with blower on settings 1 or 2 (2 to 3 with A/C)

Solution: The probable cause is a gap in the joint of the heater housing. The solution is to apply sealant into the joint to seal the heat exchanger/evaporator housing. Extra screws have been used since 02/2002.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002

Problem: Repeated premature rear brake pad wear and / or rear brake squeal.

Solution: The probable cause is sticking pads in the back plate asembly. The solution is to thoroughly clean the support area for the pads and fit new revised pads. Grease the pad supports with molycote silicone grease. Revised pads and extra grease have been used since 05/2002 for the Mondeo.

Ford Mondeo 2002

Problem: Only cold air from heater even on hot setting.

Solution: This year Mondeo is known to suffer from a sticking temperature flap in the heater housing. The solution is to use a torx T50 and free the temperature flap.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002 2.5 Duratec and 2.0 diesel engines

Problem: Cooling fan runs continuously and headlights flickering.

Solution: This year Mondeo suffers form an overheated connector on the cooling fan motor resistor. This can cause the fan motor to run constantly. This can also lead to damage to the fan motor shroud and the high current draw can cause the headlights to flicker. The solution is to fit a revised cooling fan motor shroud with a modified resistor. Since 05/2002 a electronically controlled cooling fan motor has been installed in production.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2002 2.0 Di and TDCi

Problem: Lack of power.

Solution: A common problem is a the hose on the turbo outlet or air intake/oulet line to the charge air cooler coming loose. The solution is to fit revised hose clips in the relevant area and tighten to 4Nm. Revised hose clips have been used since 10/2002.

Ford Mondeo 2001 onwards

Problem: Remote control unlocking range is poor - less than 5m.

Solution: A common problem is the intensive shielding of the radio transmission porduction line in the main wiring harness. The solution is to fit an additional wire onto the transmission line to improve range.

Ford Mondeo 2001 estate version

Problem: Rattling metallic noises from boot area.

Solution: The probable cause is excessive distance between the boot door and the side bump stops. The solution is to fit revised new rubber bump stops that will absorb the boot movement. Modified rubber bump stops have been installed since 01/2001.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 2.0 Duratec 2001

Problem: Engine knock, rough running, hard to start, loss of power etc.

Solution: This particular affects engines built in Mexico ONLY (check engien identification sticker and look for CH = Chihuahua, Mexico upto 12/2000). A common problem on these engines is the crankshaft vibration damper may turn on the crankshaft due to insufficient retention friction. This should be checked and if necessary fit a new vibration damper bolt and friction washer. The new bolt should be tightened to 100 Nm then an extra 90 degrees. A revised vibration damper bolt together with the additional washer have been fitted since 12/2000.

Ford Mondeo

Problem: Creaking and knocking form the steering wheel shaft in cold temperatures.

Solution: The probable cause is the steering shaft is incorrectly adjusted and excessive friction in the steering shaft length compensator. The solution is to apply extra silicone grease to the steering shaft bush. When reinstalling the steering shaft, a length of 70mm must be maintained for the length compensator.

Ford Mondeo 2001 with tow bar and parking aid

Problem: Incorrect parking aid setup with tow bar.

Solution: Incorrect programming of the parking aid module may not take into account the tow bar leading to the warning tone on constantly when reversing. The solution is to fit a revised parking aid module with updated programming.

Ford Mondeo 2001 - 2001

Problem: Knocking noise from the heater system on high fan settings.

Solution: The probable cause is high air flow in the heater system causing the temperature blend door to knock against the upper end stop. The solution is to fit a damper on the temperature blend actuator. A damper has been fitted since 06/2001 to prevent the knocking/rattling noises.

Ford Mondeo 2001 MTX 75 manual gearbox

Problem: Very hard to change gear and 5th cannot be engaged at all.

Solution: The MTX 75 on this year Mondeo tend to suffer from poorly adjusted gearshift cables. The solution is to correctly adjust the gearshift cables to a revised specification.

Ford Mondeo 2001

Problem: Rattles from the front axle.

Solution: A common problem is excessive friction between the rear hydraulic rubber bushes on the front lower suspension arm and its bearing bush. The solution is to fit revsied suspension arms with modified rubber bushes and silicone coated bearing bushes. Revised front lower suspension arms have been fitted since 09/2001.

Ford Focus and Mondeo with dual fuel LPG/petrol

Problem: Lack of power and poor idle.

Solution: When converting a petrol engine into a LPG fuel system, an approved Ford cyclinder head should be used that has special nitration hardened valves and valve seats. This will prevent premature wear and lack of power, poor idling etc.

Ford Mondeo 1996 to 1999

Problem: Knocking noise from the power steering system.

Solution: A common problem is a hydraulic 'water hammer' effect in the power steering system, whcih can cause a knocking noise. The solution is to fit a new revised power steering return line that is designed to absorb pressure peaks of the hydraulic system. A revised return line has been fitted since 10/1999 (diesel) and 12/1999 (petrol).

Ford Mondeo with ABS 1999 - 2000

Problem: Water ingress into ABS connector.

Solution: The ABS connector can suffer from water ingress and lead to the ABS light on. The cause is water ingress through the soldered connections to the heated front windshield. As these connections share a common ground, the solution is to give the ABS a seperate ground circuit and applying additional sealant to the heated front windshield ssoldered connections. A revised ABS ground circuit has been used since 03/2000.

Ford Mondeo 1996 - 1999

Problem: Speakers work intermittently.

Solution: A common problem is over heating and subsequent high resistance of the speaker multiplug terminals. The solution is to fit a revised speaker loom multiplug that have improved heat resistance. A revised speaker loom multiplug has been fitted since 06/1997. On left hand drive vehicles a common problem is the speaker loom vibrating on the heater box which can lead to fretting of the multiplug. The solution here is to fit a new multiplug and re-route the wiring loom. On left hand rive vehicles, the speaker wiring loom has been re-routed since 12/1999.

Ford Escort Mondeo 1.8 Endura diesel engines

Problem: Rough and/or high idle.

Solution: This may be caused by a broken idle lever return spring due to the high duty cycle of the idle speed control motor. The solution is to fit a revised idle repair kit that has a modified idle spring.

Ford Mondeo 1993 to 1999

Problem: The alternator charging light is permanently on while the engine is running; also leaks in the turbocharger oil supply line.

Solution: To resolve the problem, install a new turbocharger oil supply line, checking the sealing faces on the turbocharger and oil filter intermediate housing for damage. Install new ones if there is damage. If oil residue has entered the alternator, replace it.

Ford Escort 1995 to 1996, Ford Mondeo 1996

Problem: Poor running at idle/poor starting.

Solution: This is probably due to a loss of timing control in the fuel injection timing system. A full scanner diagnostic check needs to be carried out followed by the cam timing diagnostic routine. Install a new fuel injection pump cam actuator as well.

Ford Mondeo 1997 to 1998

Problem: ABS and TCS warning light or ABS and handbrake warning light come on and DTC A143 is displayed.

Solution: Due to an increase in voltage, the ABS module diagnoses an EEPROM error. Solder an additional resistor between pins 7 and 16 of the diagnostic multiplug to resolve the problem.

Ford Cougar 1998, Ford Focus 1999, Ford Mondeo 1996 to 1998

Problem: After doors are shut the interior light stays on; Malfunction or lack of activation of the anti-theft warning system.

Solution: These problems may be a result of a faulty electrical contact at the door contact switch in the lock striker on the B or C-pillar. Install new lock strikers with door contact switches to rectify the problem.

Ford Mondeo 1998

Problem: Inaccurate fuel gauge/trip computer.

Solution:  May be caused by poor earthing or fuel contamination in the fuel tank sender unit. Install a new fuel tank sender unit to rectify the problem. Check it before installation.

Ford Mondeo 1997 to 1999

Problem: Booster heater operates after the engine is turned off or starts automatically or does not start when the ambient temperature is below 10º C; Dense black smoke coming from the right-hand A-pillar area.

Solution: The booster heater issue may be down to a defective booster heater control module, which should be tested and replaced if necessary.

The black smoke may be caused by a large difference in pressure between the intake and outlet hoses of the booster heater and can be resolved by installing a booster heater kit and changing the location of the metering pump.

Ford Mondeo 1999

Problem: When the radio remote control is re-programmed, the anti-theft warning lamp does not come on.


1. Turn the ignition key from positin II to position 0 four times within three seconds.

2. Take out the ignition key. The module stays in learn mode for 20 secs. The anti-theft warning lamp does not come on.

3. Press one of the transmitter buttons. The module is programmed with the signal. The anti-theft warning light does not flash.

4. Repeat the procedure with the other transmitters after two secs if necessary.

5. Turn the key to position II and wait two seconds.

6. Turn the key to position 0.

7. Check that the transmitter is correctly operating.

Ford Mondeo 1993 to 1997

Problem: Inoperative remote locking.

Solution: There are two types of remote release, infra-red and radio frequency.

Infra-red transmitter. Causes and repair procedures:

1.Make sure you have the correct key type (part number begins with 95BG).
- Separate the transmitter unit from the key by pressing the clip.
- The part number is shown on a sticker or is stamped onto the housing.

2. Check the batteries and contacts for dirt and corrosion by removing the battery cover of the transmitter with a flat object.
- Use a soft cloth to clean the contacts and batteries carefully.
- If the battery voltage is less than 2.7V when you measure it, install new batteries.
- Close the battery cover carefully without damaging the contacts.

3. Program the infra-red transmitter and check that the system works properly.

4. If this doesn't help, install a new transmitter.

5. Perform PATS key programming.

6. If the problem is still unresolved, check the reciever wiring harness and repair as necessary.

Radio frequency transmitter. Causes and repair procedures:

7. Repeat step 1 (part number begins with 97BG this time).

8. Repeat step 2.

9. Program the original transmitter and the second transmitter (new sealed three-button transmitter 98BG 15K601 AA)
- Insert the ignition key and turn it from position II to position 0 and back four times within three seconds.
- Remove the ignition key. The module remains in learning mode for 20 secs and the anti- theft warning light stays on.
- Press one of the transmitter buttons. The signal is learned by the module and indicated by a flashing anti-theft warning light.
- Wait until the module programming is complete, or switch the ignition to on.

10. Lock the vehicle with the new second transmitter and unlock within 10 seconds using the original first transmitter.

11. Perform PATS key programming.

12. If the problem is still there, check the wiring harness and repair as necessary.

Ford Mondeo 1997

Problem: Coolant loss from radiator lower hose.

Solution: This may be because the radiator bottom hose and the front end accessory drive belt are touching and can result in a hole being worn in the hose. The bottom hose should be renewed and more retaining clips fitted to the coolant expansion tank hose/air conditioning hose to provide further clearance. Also check the drive belt for damage and renew where necessary. The additional clips should be fitted from the opposite sides of the
radiator bottom hose.

Ford Mondeo 1997 estate

Problem: Tailgate release buton inoperative or sticking

Solution: Corrosion may have taken place between the lock housing and stainless steel push housing. To rectify, install a revised tailgate lock barrel assembly.

Ford Mondeo 1997

Problem: There is a groaning noise coming from the power steeing system

Solution: This may be caused by pressure fluctuations in the power steering system (PAS) being transmitted through the vehicle body. To rectify this problem, install a revised PAS high pressure pipe assembly and a revised PAS pump.

Ford Mondeo 1993 and 1997

Problem: Speeodometer display broken and/or gearshifting/4th gear not engaging (automatic transmission only)

Solution: May be caused by a broken vehicle speeder sensor (VSS) drive shaft or a damaged vehicle speeder sensor cable. A new vehicle speeder sensor must be installed to resolve this concern. On manual transmission vehicles the routing of the vehicle speeder sensor cable must also be checked and secured if necessary using a cable tie.

Ford Mondeo 1997

Problem: 1st to 2nd gear shift is difficult at temperatures below 0ºC after a cold start.

Solution: The difference in heat expansion between the aluminium housing and the steel input shaft and the high bearing preload is causing high resistance to gear changing. The input shaft should be removed and a 0.05 mm thinner adjusting shim should be installed to solve the problem.

Ford Mondeo 1997

Problem: Air bag warning light flashing four times.

Solution: Check the routing of the air bag wiring loom underneath the drivers seat. If the routing is incorrect, excessive pressure will be put on the connectors which will then cause the warning lights to flash.