Launch Sts600 Sensor Simulator

Launch STS600 Sensor simulator and tester

Update i now have my Demo unit so email Anthony if you wish to see it in action.

This is a new product that we will be stocking from the people that bought you the X431.

The product is mainly used for wiring tests. This is because we can simulate the voltages and check the live data readings on the scantool to confirm the wiring. You can simulate most sensors from wheel speed to O2 sensors. By the time you have changed a couple of un needed sensors the machine has paid for itself.

If you already have the X431 scanner we can do a bolt on box which does the same job for the same money. Just if you are doing the simulation with the scantool you cannot look at the live data at the same time to confirm. This is why we only stock the Handheld unit.

It is a sensor simulator and tester that has range switching functions and is used to conduct voltage tests, resistance tests and frequency tests for sensors. You can simulate the output signal (voltage frequency and 02 sensor signal)


  • Sensor test: voltage / resistance / frequency test
  • Sensor simulation: voltage / frequency / O2 sensor signal
  • 3-digit readings and range displayed in large fonts on LCD screen
  • Automatic range switching between voltage and resistance


  • Measure precision: 1% FSR
  • Response time: less than 1 second
  • Voltage range: 0 ~ 400V (DC)
  • Resistance range: 0 ~ 4M
  • Frequency range: 1 ~ 15KHz
  • Voltage simulation range: 0.01 ~ 12V
  • Frequency simulation range: 1-15KHz(5V/12V can be selected with keys)
  • O2 sensor signal: high voltage: 1V; low voltage: 0V
  • Power: DC12V / - 20%
  • Weight: 486g

Like all BBA diagnostic equipment we will be able to this item on a two month trial. The item retails at £340 Vat. But according to a couple of BBA customers who have got one early they think it is the best £340 they have ever spent.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other diagnostic equipment the email Anthony.