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Large no demo discounts available on all Launch X431 products. We will not be beaten on price on any X431 product. We always have demo X431’s in stock.

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Latest News


Ford Tdci injector programming as well as PSA group Airbag configuration added.


Updates can be seen at . For help on how to update your Launch X431, please see the video below.


For UK Enquiries or to arrange a demo Email Ben today.


X431 Hints And tips page

Ford has now had a major update. European coverage from 1996 upto 2004.
This really is a huge step forward for the Launch X431. Coverage includes the Escort, Fiesta, Modeo, Ka, Focus, etc.
Other recent additions include Rover, Saab, Suzuki and Ssangyong. Other manufacturers have also had great improvements
including the addition of CAN-BUS so keep your X431 up-to-date!
CAN-BUS is now here, do not be left behind! More and more manufacturers are now moving over to CAN protocols. 
The latest Vauxhall Astras (H), Vectras (C), Volkswagens, Audis, Renaults, Mercedes-Benz etc are all moving over to CAN. Call
us for the special X431 CAN-BUS 2 adapter. Unsure about CAN (






etwork)? Have a look at our CAN page
In brief, if you are after a machine that covers new cars, this is the machine for you. We are talking modern day cars that are upto
six or seven years old that are jam packed with electronics. European and Asian cars are covered (Which is rare most machine either do Euro or do asian not both)
Systems such as engine, ABS, airbags, auto boxes, immobiliser, body control, instrument clusters, air suspension and so on are covered. If you are still 
interested, please read on...
I’ve plugged it in to my own BMW (E39 5 series) and there isn’t a box in the car it wasn’t on intimate terms with, right 
down to retuning the radio. It also eats Mercedes for breakfast. Now I could bullshit you and tell you it does every 
vehicle to dealer level. You’ve heard that before from far bigger names than us, and it’s never true. Buy one. If 
you’re not completely satisfied that your money has got you the best deal available we’ll just take it back. You have 2
months to make you’re mind up, and two years warranty. All levels all boxes on Toyota / Lexus, Nissan, Honda, 
Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen / Audi group, Vauxhall, Volvo, Fiat, Renault, Daewoo, Hyundai, 
Kia, Mazda, Ford and all OBDII vehicles. 
It used to be common knowledge that the Launch struggled on early Peugeot and Citroen. But the updates improved so much
that on my 307 the X431 will interogate and actuate every single module on the car. It will also re code a new airbag control module
and reset the partical filter on the diesels. 
See what others have posted on

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Latest Update details

					Launch X431 scanner
This though is just a rough guide of what it is capable on each manufacturer. It does not mean it can do this amount of 
depth on each Model in the range.
Click here for large version

Click Car Make Below To Check Range

Launch X431 scanner  


Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner
Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner
Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner Launch X431 scanner  


Frequently Asked Questions



If you own, run or work in a garage, you’ve probably heard of the X431. The X431 is set to revolutionise the world of automotive diagnostics.

The Launch X431 is relatively new to the UK market. Originally designed for the US, the X431 was such a success, Launch decided to extend their coverage for the European market.

Q - I’ve never heard of Launch. Who are they and what do they do?
A - Based in China, Launch specialise in high end equipment for the automotive repair industry. Their range includes diagnostic equipment, hydraulic lifts, laser wheel aligners, emission analyzers, smoke testers and more.

Q - It’s a lot of money to spend. How do I know this Launch company isn’t going to disappear in six months time?
A - Founded in 1992, Launch is a multi-billion dollar company that have gone from strength to strength. With a huge development team in excess of 300, Launch are committed to you the customer. In 2002, Launch floated on the Hong Kong stock exchange and now how over 400 distributors in over 60 countries. They even make OE dealer diagnostic equipment in partnership with such companies as Delphi and Motorola.

Q - Ok, I’m now confident that I can trust Launch. Is the X431 any good?
A - Honestly, I can personally say that for the price, I can think of nothing better out there at the moment. I am the chap out on the road demonstrating it day in, day out. It basically does what it says it does.

Q - In your opinion then, are there any weak points on the X431?
A - Yes. No tool can possibly cover every single car out there under the sun! While there are older diagnostic plugs for older Asian and German cars, other European makes such as Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Volvo are only designed for 1997 onwards via 16 pin.

Q - Are Launch going to rectify this?
A - Honestly…. no. Launch are dedicated to future proofing the X431. Due to the fact there is now a huge amount of electronics in modern day cars, the amount of programming needed to communicate with the various different systems is huge! They have decided to concentrate on greater coverage of newer cars rather than older ones.

Q - What above future software for the X431then?
A - Better Ford software is currently being developed. Any future software releases, will again only be for 16 pin cars, eg 1997/ 98 onwards. It will though be for all systems such as engine, ABS, airbag, body control, immobiliser and so on. You will of course be able to download this FOC in your first year's updates. The machine is

not timebombed

unlike some of the other well known brands so you can come and go as you please. Also if you miss a year you do not have to pay too come back to it.

Q - Ok, its good on newer cars. How good?
A - The X431 will give you access to all the main systems such as engine, ABS, airbag and A/T as well as sub systems such as steering, climate control, traction control, instrument panel, radio, immobilizer, body control and more!!!

Q - What functions can the X431 carry out on these systems?
A - There are basic functions and more in depth functions on the X431. Basic functions include read and clear fault codes, live data which is graph-able and actuation tests. More in depth functions include service resets, programming (coding) of parts, key coding and adaptation features.


Launch X431 scanner   Launch X431 scanner

Q - You mention key coding - on what cars?
A - As key coding is relatively new to the X431 at the moment, you can key code on Vauxhall, VW / Audi group, Rover, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Nissan and late Toyota. More makes are in the pipeline.

Q - Ahh, but how easy is it to use?
A - Very simple! Put it this way, we offer a free days training and to this day no one has actually asked for it! Once you load up the diagnostic program, choose your make, then your model, then the system you would like to enter eg engine, ABS etc. There's no fancy break out leads or numerous wires you need to plug into here there and everywhere - the X431 has one cable!

Q - So I buy the X431 will I have to but extra cables, pods, software etc?
A - No. You get all the cables/adapters you currently need. All software is fully download-able and is stored on one flash card. Please be aware, as stated above, future software, eg Rover, will be 16 pin only (which are included - one can-bus and one non can-bus).

Q - A 2 month trial - how does this work?
A - As with all our diagnostic equipment, we offer a two month trial. Plug it into as many cars as you can and within that two months you can decide for yourself whether your happy with it's coverage, it's functions, even the colour of it (Its quite a nice colour though!!!) No quiblle means no quibble - for whatever reason you're not happy sent it back for a full refund. (As long as you haven't dropped it in a bucket of water, run-over it etc!!!)

Q - Do you offer financing?
A - We do in the UK. Here is a payment calculation for our financing: (Excluding VAT) feel free to call us and we can arrange it for you.

BBA supply instructions with units.
Main Unit Contents:
- Main Unit X431 Launch     (picture)
- Smart Box     (picture)
- Mini Printer     (picture)

- Toyota 17     (picture)
- Toyota 17F     (picture)
- Mitsubishi / Hyundai 12 16     (picture)
- Nissan 14 16     (picture)
- Honda 3     (picture)
- Mazda 17     (picture)
- Kia 20     (picture)
- Mercedes 38     (picture)
- BMW 20     (picture)
- GM / Daewoo 12     (picture)
- Ford -6 1     (picture)
- Smart OBDII 16     (picture)
- Chrysler 6     (picture)
- Universal 3     (picture)
- Fiat 3     (picture)
- Audi 4     (picture)
- BMW 16     (picture)
- OBDII 16C     (picture)

Test Cable:
- Mains UK Power Cable
- Lighter Power Adapter     (picture)
- Clipper Battery Clamps     (picture)

Software CF Memory Card     (picture)

- Lighter fuse
- Launch X431 Power Supply     (picture)
- Launch X431 Printer Paper
- CF Card Reader     (picture)
- Launch X431 Main Unit User's Manual
- Launch X431 Private And Confidential Security Numbers
- Driver CD of CF Card Reader
- USB Cable
- Launch X431 Installation CD
- Launch X431 Installation Demo CD
- Launch X431 Rustless Steel Holding Wire
Tech Features:

Convenient to Update
-Software Update Via Internet The X431 Website
-Multi-Language display makes this suitable to any country.

-With the Large LCD Touch Screen and Compact Design, the X431 is the most advanced auto diagnostic unit at present.
-Demountable Printer allows you to Print Fault Codes, Live Data, and Part Numbers for your auto.
-Very easy to use for beginers.

-Open Operating System allows customizability based LINUX
-X431 Interface supports third party development

PDA Functionality
-X-431 has all the functionality of a PDA
-HandWriting Input
-Personal Database
-Extensive Vocabulary with English-Chinese Dictionary
-Allows management of users information

-Modern Design with functions which can be combined or used independently.
-Main Unit and Diagnostic Box can be used independently.
-Main Unit X431 can be used as a seperate PDA.
-The SmartBox can be connected to a PC to perform automobile diagnosis independently.
-Standard RS232 Interface is used to connect the SmartBox and its upper unit for expandability of multiple devices.

-Operating System: LINUX
-RAM: 16M
-CF card: 128MB
-Main Unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port
-Main Unit Power Source: DC12V
-Main Unit pwer: about 9W
-Printer: High-Speed Thermal miniPrinter
-Printer Port: Standard Parallel Port
-Screen: 240 by 320 LCD Touch Screen with Back Light


BBA-Reman page for Launch X431 diagnostics tool, We will not be beaten on any genuine X431 price. We supply all main dealer Automotive diagnostics including Ford IDS and Vetronix Vauxhall/Saab Tech2. As well as being the largest X431 dealer in the UK.x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431 Launch x431

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