Mercedes A Class Air Mass Meter and ECU



BBA-REMAN guarantee the lowest prices on repairing your VDO Mercedes A Class combined air mass meters with built in ecu. Call our customer service team now on 01634 687 222.

Mercedes A Class Air Mass Meter and ECU

A film can form over the sensor causing failure and eventual burn out of this component. This is a common fault on the A class and is one of our biggest sellers.
Due to the Air mass meter being incorporated into the ECU as a means to save you the expensive reprogramming cost of a brand new ECU we offer this as a Own unit repair.
We are so confident in our repairs we offer a Life time warranty as standard. Something unrevealed by any main dealer.
Please note the repair you see here is for the Air Mass only.

Symptoms can include but are not limited to:
· Rough/erratic idle speeds
· Poor fuel consumptions
· Flat spots over the rev range
Simply call our customer service team on 01634 687222 now and allow us to arrange a stress free collection, repair and return of your Unit.
BBA engineers have a long history of successful automotive remanufacturing and have a wealth of experience that allows us to not only fix your part but re-engineer it to outperform and outlast the OEM part. BBA-REMAN is so confident in its work that it offers an unbeatable LIFETIME Warranty to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship but also the security that we will keep your car on the road in the future. BBA-REMAN is also an environmentally focussed company and we want to keep your cars on the road for longer and keep cars and parts out of land-fills and scrap heaps. BBA-REMAN will pay cash for your core units.

Makes and models
Mercedes-Benz A Class

· Lifetime warranty
· BBA-REMAN will repair your unit
· 10 days money back guaranty
If you haven’t found the answers here please call our skilled customer service team with any concerns or quires you may have.

Part numbers
Part numbers include but are not exclusive to
A 166 150 02 79 [1]
VDO ref number 412.250/004/004

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Mercedes A Class Air Mass Meter and ECU