Abs module removal instruction for Saab

Saab ABS module removal instructions for repair Saab 9-3 9-5 900 9000

The most common problem with the Bosch 5.3 ABS system is the controller module (ECU). The good news
is you can seperate the module from the pump relatively easily while its on the car. This means you are
not required to break into the break hydraulic system to remove the just the module (leaving the pump on).

The following instructions are generic and will vary from car to car. ABS pump/module locations:


Q. How does a rebuild and return work?
A. You send your unit to us, we rebuild it, test it, and send it back.  Shipping both ways is included in the domestic shipping rates, so we will send you a pre-paid UPS label to get the unit to us.

Q.  Do I need to send the whole pump in?
A.  No.  The module is the problem most of the time.  It can be easily separated from the pump.  And, if you leave the pump on the vehicle it is still drivable (see next question).  If you send the pump in we will test it to make sure it is ok.

Q.  Can I drive the car while the module is being rebuilt?
A.  If you remove just the control module,  you are not breaking into the hydraulic fluid system and you will still have power brakes.  So, the car can be driven, however, we do not recommend it.  You must be aware that you will not have ABS, so the vehicle may brake differently.  Take extra care when driving.

Q. Will I need special tools to reinstall / code my rebuilt module?
A. No. The fault codes will be cleared after the unit is reinstalled (you may have to drive the vehicle to clear all of the fault codes). Also, since it's your module, there will be no need to recode it.

Q. Is removal of just the module difficult?
A. Not if you have good access to the ABS pump/module. The module is held onto the pump with 6 torx screws.


First, disconnect the negative battery terminal (note your radio code if needed)

To gain access to the ABS module for removal, you may need to remove the battery / fusebox on some 9-5 models.

Your next step is to unplug the power connecter. This connector has two wires going from the module
to the rear of the pump. Prise the retaining clip away from the modulator and wiggle the plug free (see pic)

Next, remove the main harness by pulling the main clip outwards (see pic). This will prise and lift the connector
off automatically.

Now, remove the six torx screws holding the module on the pump.

Now you can seperate the module from the pump. Gently slide the module off, being careful not to damage any
of the solenoids and delicate electronics inside.

Wrap the module in a bag. Protect it in bubble wrap or foam packaging and send to us in a strong sturdy box.
Don't forget to include contact details!

You will also need to cover the exposed side of the ABS pump (2) from dirt and water. Wrap and tape tightly.

Refitting is a reverse of the procedure. Carefully line up the solenoids (1) with the valves (2) when refitting.