Diagnostic scan tool

Now available in the UK. We are doing special deals on the first ten units. Contact for more details. This also includes the free offer for the Crecorder.

This newest scantool from Launch China Ltd. The machine is based on the X431 infinite but they have changed a lot of it to turn it into this practical tool.
The scanning software is the same as found on the highly successful X431 scanner but with the addition of Jaguar Izuzu and GM. But they have made the X341 tool a lot more garage
friendly whilst also keeping the professional look of the infinite. Like the standard X431 the machine is very compact and fits into its own case.
This time as the machine is Bluetooth you need to charge the scanner so it no longer charges the machine up off the car. The machine will last at least 10 hours on a charge.

Some people have asked me about the Bluetooth connection on the tool. From using the standard infinite I can quite happily say there is
nothing to worry about. Cn launch have also upgraded the Bluetooth on the X431 tool to Bluetooth2 technology.

Again software is constantly being updated, which is done through the internet. There can be as many as 20 updates a month, and for our customers
who are not fully computer literate we can talk you through the whole process. Or if you have a broadband connection we can remote admin your PC
and do the downloads for you.

To go with our free support centre we feel we have one of the strongest diagnostic ranges out there.

Updates as usual are done through www.x431.com

Any questions feel free to ask. Email

Product parameter:
Operation system: LINUX 
CF card: 128M
Main unit I/O: standard serial port
Main unit power source: DC12V
Main unit power: about 9W
Screen: 240*320 color LCD touch screen with backlight
Display: 240*320 color LCD touch screen with backlight
Configuration: Main units,DIAGinfinite,minipriter
Com. Distance: 25 meters
DIAGinfinite power source: DC12V
DIAGinfinite power: about 3W
Operation temperature: -20°C~ 70°C