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Air suspension modulators
Body control modules
ECU controlled alternators
Idle control valves
Security, Locking, and Electronic Key Modules
Signal Acquisition Modules Soft-top Roof Controllers

Tiptronic gearbox actuators



Air Suspension Modules


Range Rover Air Suspension

Increasingly, air suspension is a feature on luxury cars. We have started our range with the Range Rover air modulator.

We are always interested in seeing new similar products



Body Control Modules


Body control modules (BCM's) for cars are a new and exciting area for the whole automotive industry. Instead of
having separate circuits for all a cars functions such as lights and electric windows, all inputs will flow into one
box, and all operations of the car will be controlled via this box. Safety critical systems such as engine
management and ABS will however remain separate for the time being. While this will make fault diagnosis of
all these usually separate systems a little easier by just needing one diagnosis tool, the complexity of bringing
together all these systems will mean the likely hood of more failures as time progresses and cars run out of

Body control modules have long been a part of large American cars. These were still rather simple devices only
controlling automatic headlights for when it got dark. The first European car to contain a BCM was a Range
Rover '95 and Discovery. These BCM (or BECM's as they are called in this case), have already been failing
regularly. Typical failings are headlights, indicators, door-locks, sunroof and wipers. In the case of Range
Rovers the rebuilds of the original BCM's have to be performed because of security measures such as coded
immobilisers. BCM are now commonplace in luxury vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW's, and as the
technology matures, are becoming common in family cars. We have identified numerous cars that are suffering
from failing BCM's and are now out of warranty for which we are in the process of developing solutions. Recently
added to our product range:


Range Rover BeCMs
BMW new shape 3 series BCM headlight control unit failure
Rover 5AS Body control module failure



ECU Controlled Alternators


High spec import vehicles are now being fitted with ECU controlled alternators. The Mitsubishi FTO is a common failure We can test and rebuild these at a considerable saving to the customer.



Idle Control Valves


Mitsubishi Idle Control Valve This type of idle control valve is fitted to the manifold of many vehicles including Suzuki, Hyundai, Proton, and of course Mitsubishi. They are commonly failing in the stuck open position (fast idle). In order to test if the valve has failed, disconnect the electrical plug with the engine just running. Turn ignition off. Then restart ignition and refit plug. If the valve is working correctly the idle speed should immediately increase even higher. If not, call BBA if you would like a quote for a reman unit.



Security, Locking, and Electronic Key Modules


Mercedes EZS infra red key units failing not allowing car to
start. We rebuild your customer's unit.CASH PAID FOR SCRAP UNITS.


Soft-top / Convertible Roof Top Modules

Mercedes CL and SL soft top convertible roof controllers
going faulty, causing roof to get stuck at some position. BBA
can rebuild and may have in stock.

Peugeot 206,207,306,307 Convertible Coupes roof
controllers failing due to low battery voltage. Call BBA for
collection and repair.



Signal Acquisition Modules

Mercedes Benz SAM (signal acquisition/activation module) units on W203 C class Mercedes and W211 E
class. Front and rear units causing lights failing / staying on and door windows / locks not working. Also EZS
key infra-red smart key unit failing. BBA can test and repair all the above.



Tiptronic Gearbox Assemblies


We are have successfully remanufactured some of these units, like the ones below

Saab Tiptronic AR Tiptronic
Saab 900, 1992 to 99, commonly blowing the fuse Alfa 156 Selespeed actuator suffering solenoid problems