VDO Throttle Bodies for VW/Audi/Mercedes

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Nissan Micra Throttle Bodies (air mass meters) are now a common failure.

The bodies are going out of calibration. This can cause poor drive-ability and poor idling.
Common symptoms:
- stalling at traffic lights
- cutting out under power
- in extreme conditions fault brings engine management light on.
If in any doubt BBA can arrange a test hire. Please call us for more details.

VDO Throttle Bodies fitted to VW/Audi/Mercedes

VDO Throttle Bodies fitted to VW/Audi/Mercedes are now failing. Symptoms:
- Lack of power/jerkiness on small throttle opening
- Incorrect Idle speed/stalling
BBA can supply remanufactured throttle body with a two year warranty.

Mitsubishi GDi Throttle Actuator

Mitsubishi GDi's (also fitted to Volvos) suffering from poor injector spray patterns, cooked cylinder heads and inlets, and eventual failure of throttle body. Causes poor idle or poor acceleration. BBA can supply reman throttle bodies and injectors.

Volvo post 1999 Marelli electronic throttle system(also known as ETS, or throttle body).

Symptoms: intermittently really rough idle, no power, car can do 20 mph only. Will correct with key off for a while, but leave engine management light on and re-occurs soon Most Volvo's post 1999 have Marelli throttle actuator. This is bringing the engine management light on and eventually putting car in limp home mode.

Ford Fiesta spi engine has problems with potentiometers and injector.

Symptoms and problems: (i) Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) reading to ECU is critical. These do fail
(ii) Throttle body not letting TPS come to rest at correct position
(iii) Wiring to ECU: plug problems have been known
(iv) Programming errors in ECU. Later software available.
(v) There are 2 idle speeds for the vehicle. One for stationary and one for moving. Moving idle speed may be corrupt. Recommend to check this by starting car, leave gearbox in neutral, and get strong friend to push you. As car gets above 11 mph if idle speed goes crazy, you have isolated problem. If you are looking for a different throttle body then call us!