Corporate Enquiries

BBA Reman is a privately owned limited company that has expanded aggressively over the past 10 years. Founded and still led by the CEO Chris Swan, BBA Reman has grown from a single office based in the UK, where it is still headquartered, to its current position, occupying 11 offices across the globe.
BBA Reman has a vision of becoming the global leader in automotive electronic re-engineering. Our strategy for growth is founded on cutting edge Research and Development supported by the highest standards of re-engineering. The aim of the owner Chris and the executive team is to float the company within a year in the EAIM or NASDAQ and we encourage any interested underwriters or NOMADs to contact us on or call +447967653979.

Media Enquiries

BBA is at the leading edge of automotive electrical remanufacturing. We believe that people shouldn’t have to pay extortionate prices to have everyday parts from their cars repaired or replaced. At BBA we love cars and our aim is to understand the recurring faults with the OEM parts and provide an affordable solution to our customers.
As a result we are often the first to see problems in new cars, finding tests and fixes for them. We are proud of what we do at BBA and are keen to spread our message of affordability and sustainability. If you would like to contact us regarding media opportunities please email or visit our active forum.